Divi Forms handling reinvented

Customize Divi contact forms, Divi optin forms, and Bloom to comply with GDPR regulations, but keep the look of your forms the way you love to use them. Works with the Divi Theme, the Extra Theme and the Divi Pagebuilder Plugin.

What it can do for you

Divi Forms GDPR Overlay

This plugin creates an overlay with a consent checkbox and a link to the privacy policy of your forms when a user tries to enter the submit button. The user will only be able to submit the form if the consent checkbox is set in this overlay.

This brings back the old way of styling forms without annoying checkbox and legal text in the form itself. This is outsourced to the overlay. This will make styling much easier for you and users won’t be put off by it.

Observe it psychologically. The less you have to do in a form, the higher the conversation rate. And when the overlay then appears, the user has already filled out the form, i.e. has already spent work that should not be in vain, and “only” has to click the checkbox.

When the user has confirmed the consent checkbox, the form is sent and an entry with the time is entered into the database. Furthermore, the IP address, the email, and also all form fields are stored and can be retrieved via an overview page. In the overview you can view the single entries, or delete them (single or bulk). Or you can download the entries all or in a specific date range to a CSV file. Check the screenshots on product page for what that looks like.

Furthermore, a period of time can be set in days to automatically delete entries that are older. This may be required by law in some countries. If enabled, expired transients are also automatically removed from the database.

For the overlay there is an automatic color detection from color and background color of your form. You can also set the colors in the options. You can find the options under the Divi Theme Options.

There you can also customize your text regarding GDPR regulations and set a link to your privacy policy.

All examples work with automatic color detection

But you can also style them as you like.

Divi Contact Form

3 + 6 =

Divi Contact Form

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Bloom Inline Opt-In Form

Bloom Inline Opt-In Form

Divi Opt-In Form

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contact (at)

+49 (0) 8324 – 513 99 84

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Click on Subscribe of this Bloom Form

Click on Subscribe of this Bloom Form

To check the Overlay.. It works also with Mailchimp custom fields. They are also written to the fields entry in the database.

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Click the Subscribe button to check the overlay.

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